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Traditional Mexican Dresses for Women

Traditional Mexican Dresses for Women

With the rich culture that Mexico flaunts, clothing is also a part of the tradition. Find some designs of Mexican dresses for women mentioned in the coming up article.

Mexico is a country that is rich in culture and in history. The richness of its culture and the warmth of its people are reflected in the traditional Mexican clothing worn by natives. Saturated with luscious earth tones, such as reds, browns, yellows and greens, weavers infused intricate patterns and vibrant designs into their clothing. In this article you will be reading more about Mexican clothing for women which has its own unique style and pattern. With bold colors, wide flares and rich handmade designs on the clothing, these Mexican dresses set high standards for fashion designers across the world. Mexican women are also known to be some of the prettiest in the world and when they are dressed in their rich traditional outfits along with flowers in their hair, ready to dance away, you wouldn’t want to miss the sight for anything. In the paragraphs below, you will find the various designs or types of traditional Mexican clothing, that makes these women look beyond comparison. Take a look.

List Of Best Mexican Dresses for Women:

Traditional Mexican Clothing

Traditional Mexican Clothing

Mexican clothes all share an appreciation for strong color and beautiful craftsmanship. Here are a number of common traditional clothing choices for Mexican women.


The huipil (pronounced “wee-peel”) is a sleeveless, tunic-like garment. As with many other cultures that use garments to identify their specific areas of origin, the distinctive design on a huipil can distinguish the community that the wearer belongs to. The designs may also convey the wearer’s marital status or personal beliefs. A ceremonial huipil is one worn by wives of religious figures in the community, as well as statues of saints. Huipils are worn by children, teenagers and adults alike.

Puebla Dress

They got their name because they were dresses stitched by hand in Puebla, Mexico. They are very ordinary patterns which have a circular neck, and short sleeves. They have a prominent gathered stitch at the bust and the flow of the dress either becomes A-line or balloon shaped at the waist. The colors are usually bold such as pink, red, blue, black, white, purple, yellow, etc., and they have embroidery all over the dress. These are extremely popular types of Mexican dresses for women and are sold across the world.


Worn most commonly as part of a dressy ensemble for a party or other special occasion, the quechquémitl consists of two rectangular pieces of cloth woven to resemble a small poncho. They’re made with everything from wool to cotton, and may be embroidered with animals, floral prints and graphic designs. Depending on the woman’s community, the quechquémitl may be made with a different technique. For example, in Veracruz the garment is constructed of gauze and is worn on the head instead of on the body.


Rebozos are multifunctional garments. Typically made of cotton, wool or silk, they are used to cover the head or body (like a shawl), and they’re also used to carry everything from small children to market goods. As with many other garments, they bear distinctive designs that convey the wearer’s community. Certain colors of stripes or various shades of wool, for example, are indicative of different villages in Mexico.

Womens Mexican Fancy Dress

Womens Mexican Fancy Dress

Skirts and Blouses

Mexican women find this attire the most comfortable as well as attractive. Most of their wardrobe is full of these rich flared skirts which are usually as long as the ankle and the blouses are neatly tucked into the skirt waists, or gathered at the waistline. Mexican skirts are also very popular because of their multi frilled layered patterns which increase the diameter of the flare. They have different colored bold designs in their laces which are stitched on the skirts. These are a part of traditional Mexican clothes and costumes, for various occasions. The blouses on the other hand are brilliantly designed with unique necklines, sleeves and waists. Some blouses have the Boho pattern with balloon, bell or cap sleeved tops, that tighten in the waist, so they complement the frilly long colorful skirts.


Another staple in the Mexican woman’s wardrobe is the casual dress. Dresses are typically loose fitting and covered with intricate hand embroidery. The designs are vibrant and cheerful, often designed especially for certain celebrations. The beauty of many Mexican dresses is in their remarkably easy fit; they’re so relaxed that they fit almost any body type comfortably.

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