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Traditional Mexican Clothes and Modern Dresses

Traditional Mexican Clothes and Modern Dresses

Mexican clothes all share an appreciation for strong color and beautiful craftsmanship. Here's an overview of traditional clothing and fashion in Mexico.

Mexico is a country that is rich in culture and in history. The richness of its culture and the warmth of its people are reflected in the traditional Mexican clothing worn by natives. Saturated with luscious earth tones, such as reds, browns, yellows and greens, weavers infused intricate patterns and vibrant designs into their clothing. It has a major use of fabrics such as cotton and fibers like bark and agave. Native Mexican and pre-Hispanic civilizations mainly used such fibers to make clothes. Silk and wool were introduced much later by the Spanish. We give you a brief glance at the traditional clothing of the Mexicans.

Traditional Mexican Costumes:

Mexican Traditional Clothes

Mexican Traditional Clothes


The huipil (pronounced “wee-peel”) is a sleeveless, tunic-like garment. As with many other cultures that use garments to identify their specific areas of origin, the distinctive design on a huipil can distinguish the community that the wearer belongs to. The designs may also convey the wearer’s marital status or personal beliefs. A ceremonial huipil is one worn by wives of religious figures in the community, as well as statues of saints. Huipils are worn by children, teenagers and adults alike.


Rebozos are multifunctional garments. Typically made of cotton, wool or silk, they are used to cover the head or body (like a shawl), and they’re also used to carry everything from small children to market goods. As with many other garments, they bear distinctive designs that convey the wearer’s community. Certain colors of stripes or various shades of wool, for example, are indicative of different villages in Mexico.


The embroidery used forms an integral part of the clothing. Most outfits are beautifully styled with colorful embroidery done on them. These embroideries are also known to use symbols that have a specific meaning behind them. Skirts are the most well-known part of Mexican clothing. These are generally rectangular in shape and are known by different names, depending on their region of origin. The skirt is usually ankle-length and is worn by wrapping it around the body and tucking one part of it towards the inside.


Puebla dresses and blouses generally have short sleeves and loose fits. The Mexican folklore dresses are used by the traditional folk dancers and are very fancy in their overall look. The design of the upper half closely resembles the Puebla blouse. The design of the lower half is also fancy and in many tiers. Mexican clothing was all about comfort and letting the body be at ease with the kind of temperatures faced. This kind of dress is long and flared, and has little puffed sleeves. It became famous as the Boho dress, later on.


The Mexican sombrero forms an integral part of Mexican clothing. This term simply refers to a kind of a hat that has a brim. The brim acts as a way of protection from the sun. Such sombreros were generally worn as a part of traditional clothing. The peasant sombreros are generally made of straw, whereas, some are even made of felt, which inclines towards the expensive side.

Traditional Mexican Dress Designs

Every corner of Mexico has its own traditional dress design. Mexican women wear very beautiful and feminine dresses.

Jalisco Traditional Dress

It is also called Escaramuza dress. It consists of a cotton blouse with a high collar, and stripes of embroidery; and a wide skirt. The skirt is very nice-looking, its waves are decorated with stripes and form a star of stripes on hips.

Michoacan Traditional Dress

Dresses of this style are very sophisticated. They consist of a long skirt with ribbons or patterns; a long blouse embroidered at the bottom and around the neck; a belt; and rebozo. Embroidered aprons are also used.

Mexican Dress Design

Mexican Dress Design

Campeche Traditional Dress

This dress design was formed under the Spanish influence. It consists of a long wide skirt made of Spanish print fabric, often decorated with lace; a white blouse with a square collar and black embroidery; and rebozo.

Tabasco Traditional Dress

This dress is very feminine and delicate. Women in this region like floral embroidery, bright ribbons and hair decorations with flowers. Tabasco dress consists of a white blouse with embroidery around the neck and on sleeves; black or colorful skirt with floral pattern. Accessories are welcomed.

Chiapas Traditional Dress

These dresses are really unique and extraordinary. They are handmade; women from the town Chiapa de Corzo make these dresses. They consist of a wide skirt and a blouse (or dress), very heavily embroidered and decorated with ribbons. The background is black, and the embroidery is colorful and bright. Usually flower patterns are used.

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