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Top Three Grand Canyon National Park Cultural & Theme Tours

Top Three Grand Canyon National Park Cultural & Theme Tours

Discover the cultural & theme tours in Grand Canyon National Park.The Grand Canyon offers exceptional views of one of nature's most amazing natural wonders.

In addition to being one of the World’s Greatest Wonders, The Grand Canyon includes a vast amount of historical and economic information that is available to visitors of The National Geographic Visitor Center. Our specialty around the Grand Canyon can help you see every factor of this Natural wonder – in the administrative history to the diverse historical cultural experiences throughout time while enjoying your Grand Canyon Vacation.

See the History & Culture from the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon guided hiking tours can display visitors archaeological finds and old tribal civilization areas.

  • Railway tours can offer a splendid way to enjoy the Grand Canyon if you don’t take too much time out of your vacation time.
  • Aerial Tours can explain incredible views from above ground.
  • Visit the Bookstores and Shops to locate educational material about the good reputation for the Grand Canyon.
  • Visit the Old Historical Buildings to explore the history.
  • Visit the Hopi House and find out about Traditional Native Arts and Crafts.
  • Speak with the Rangers and the Guides – who have extensive understanding of the thousands of years of history.

Concerning the Grand Canyon – Administrative History

Beginning with the political and economic challenges before achieving National Park status to provide day, visitors are shown the executive History of the Grand Canyon National Park. Given Federal protection in 1893, after which later introduced as a National Monument, most visitors weren’t aware that until 1919, The Grand Canyon wasn’t a National Park.

Cultural & Theme Tours in Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon via Sedona and Navajo Reservation

A visit to the Grand Canyon is simply a must-do for anyone visiting Phoenix. In order to America’s most iconic bit of natural beauty, drive through the Sonoran Desert towards the red rock country of Sedona, after which continue along a beautiful 17-mile route in Oak Creek Canyon. In the Grand Canyon, drive 23 miles round the rim and make stops to admire the breathtaking landscape and take photos. You’ll also go to the Navajo Reservation, where you can pick up some authentic souvenirs.

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park


  • Grand Canyon, Sedona and Navajo Reservation excursion
  • Scenic drive through the Sonoran Desert and also the red rock country of Sedona
  • Drive across the Grand Canyon rim
  • Shop for authentic souvenirs in the Navajo Reservation

Grand Canyon West Rim Adventure and Skywalk

For that adventurous at heart, a trip from Phoenix towards the Grand Canyon in a Cessna airplane will provide the excitement of a lifetime. The narrated aerial tour will require you to the West Rim from the Grand Canyon, home of the Hualapai Reservation. You’ll have a tour to Eagle Point, Native American cultural performances, lunch around the canyon rim, hiking, amazing views from the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon, a ship ride on the river, and admittance to the Grand Canyon Skywalk – an exhilarating platform within the edge of the canyon. This all-inclusive adventure leaves you with unforgettable experiences and memories of America’s most iconic bit of natural beauty.


  • Grand Canyon West Rim air tour adventure
  • Have a narrated airplane ride over America’s most well-known natural wonder
  • Walk out around the Grand Canyon Skywalk
  • Take a ground tour to Eagle Point
  • Lunch included at Guano Point around the rim of the canyon
  • Helicopter flight and pontoon boat ride around the Colorado River

Grand Canyon and Navajo Indian Reservation

Enjoy spectacular views in the Grand Canyon South Rim and East Rim, and get a native American souvenir about this full day tour from Flagstaff. Admire the views from the best vantage points on your Grand Canyon day trip before finishing your tour with shopping at Cameron Trading Post.


  • Excursion to the Grand Canyon from Flagstaff
  • Spectacular views in the South Rim and East Rim
  • Cross the Navajo Indian Reservation
  • Look for native American souvenirs and curios at Cameron Trading Post
  • Pickup and fall off from Flagstaff hotels

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