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Sports Culture: Football Culture in USA

Sports have played an increasingly important role in the development of the country both at home and on the international stage. Despite its small population, Israel’s athletes such as tennis star Shahar Pe’er and soccer player Yossi Benayoun regularly make an impact and a name for themselves. Israeli sports teams have also found success abroad, most notably the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball club, which has established itself as one of the best teams in Europe over the last decade. Israel’s national teams have also been improving, with the soccer and basketball teams achieving impressive results.

I’m a football fan. I really like that it really is America’s game and one of a kind to our culture. Eleven guys on each and every team battle with strength, and agility

Sports Culture - American Football Culture

Sports Culture - American Football Culture

to advance their very own position even though stopping their opponent. Football requires method, physical effort and teamwork. Like several sports, it gives beneficial life lessons. To succeed, players has to be disciplined and operate together. Getting portion of a team can teach selflessness plus the should sacrifice for the superior of other people. Should you miss your blocking assignment, one particular of the teammates suffers, in truth the complete team suffers.

The vitality and force in the game teaches athletes a thing that lots of other sports don’t. Every single play a person is finding hit. Players find out to take hit, and they find out to give a hit. They find out that they may be not created of glass and they recognize that all crucial reality- after you get knocked down, you have got to acquire back up once again. Football has been so wildly well known in this nation since it inherently reflects values that Americans hold dear.

What has occurred to our beloved American game?

This fall, we’ve been bombarded by hideous and reprehensible behavior by coaches and players at each the collegiate and skilled level. As a nation, we learned in the unthinkable evil propagated by the rogue acts of a former coach. We had been appalled by the cowardly complicity of those involved using the plan. On Thanksgiving Day, lots of watched as an NFL player intentionally kicked his opponent who lay on the ground. Later, inside the press conference, the offender had the audacity to defend his acts.

Lastly, this week, the NFL announced that many players with a variety of teams inside the league had failed drug tests in the course of a lock-out connected grace period negotiated among the NFL as well as the players’ union. Amazingly, a majority from the players’ circumstances are getting dismissed as a result of it getting a “first time offense”. Basically, the NFL knew that when the lock-out suddenly ended that lots of players would fail drug tests. So, they disregarded the initial failed tests. Now, only several 3 time offenders is going to be out for the season with no spend, a whopping 4 weeks, for specific teams not going for the playoffs.

In our appreciate for the game, have we elevated individuals who coach and play to a level that they don’t deserve? I’m disgusted when I list just several in the scandalous acts: the defense of innocent young young children took a second string spot for the reputation of a plan, kicking an individual once they are down and defending it, a number of violations from the law and league standards by way of drug use- none of these are acceptable! This will not represent the game we really like, that greatness of America plus the values we defend, here at dwelling and about the planet.

As an officer inside the United States Marine Corps, I’m honored to serve with young women and men who train like the finest athletes. Like football players, they have to understand to operate as a team pushing themselves for the limit and sacrificing for a very good higher than themselves. Like football players they need to find out to take a hit and to give hit, and in coaching if they don’t get up once again when knocked down, it may well expense them or those on their left and suitable their lives in combat. The differences among the specialist athletes we glorify and our American military are extreme. They do not share an revenue bracket.

Several American servicemen earn in one particular year what some skilled football players earn in one particular game. They do not share fame. No one is wearing one particular of our soldiers’ names across his back Sunday when he sits down to watch the game. And thank God, they do not share a punitive technique. The American serviceman or woman is held for the highest expectation. He/she knows that guidelines and regulations govern their actions and those guidelines do not oscillate according to who’s in charge. Punishment is genuine and successful.

Sports Culture - American Football Culture

Sports Culture - American Football Culture

I realize the NFL just isn’t the U.S. Military. But do we actually choose to esteem guys that are held for the most minimal of standards? Inside the Marine Corps, we do not tolerate drug abuse. Offenders are processed out with apart from honorable discharges. The expectations are identified, as well as the standards are enforced.

This Saturday, there is certainly one particular distinct football game I’m eager to watch. Competing are two teams who realize their function as athletes, but far more importantly, they embrace their function as leaders in our country’s military – on and off the field. I hope the nation recognizes this game! These two teams can support salvage our American football culture that has develop into so tarnished.

The Army/Navy game among The United States Military Academy at West Point, NY as well as the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Md is among the most inspiring classic rivalries in sports. If you are in search of leaders from a football plan, than appear no further. They may be on each sides from the field on Saturday. The lessons these players find out on the field is parallel to what they do off the field, plus the life that awaits them upon graduation as commissioned officers inside the Army, Navy, or Marine Corps.

Brian Stann is among the quite a few alum of this game who attended the Naval Academy, and was the team captain and middle linebacker. He graduated and served inside the Marine Corps harnessing the discipline and leadership he created with his teammates and translating that into courage and decisiveness for his Marines. These noble traits had been repeatedly tested against the enemy in Iraq and under by far the most austere situations. His actions saved American lives and he was awarded the nation’s third highest medal for combat valor, the Silver Star. Stann’s story is just one particular of a thousand which have played out all through the length in the storied rivalry

This weekend’s gridiron match-up among these storied programs was when a game that determined our national college football champion. Inside the 1940’s West Point won 3 straight national titles. In addition, athletes from each schools received the coveted Heisman Trophy going to various distinct players inside the nineteen forties, fifties, and sixties. This year the schools are getting marginal seasons in comparison to years past. However the Cadets of West Point and Midshipmen of Annapolis didn’t sign as much as play at these institutions for football fame. Quite a few of these scholar athletes could’ve played in other stadiums exactly where their status as a football player would’ve potentially elevated them above the typical guidelines and regulations in the university.



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