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Museums and Cultural Attractions of Las Vegas

Museums and Cultural Attractions of Las Vegas

The best Las Vegas historic sites, cultural and museums attractions are in fact ones that celebrate the cultures of other countries.

When people make plans to visit Las Vegas, conversations about museums, historic sites and cultural events rarely come up. There’s no denying that Las vegas isn’t normally considered a hot location for history museums, art installations along with other cultural and education opportunities, but dig past the casinos, restaurants and nightclubs, and visitors may be surprised what the city provides.

Some of the best Las Vegas cultural attractions are in fact ones that celebrate the cultures of other countries.

International Culture Vegas

  • The Eiffel Tower: Even though it is half the size of the Eiffel Tower, the Paris Hotel Las Vegas brings a gorgeous replica complete with French food and wine options within the 11th floor restaurant as well as in smaller cafes around the base. Benefit from the best of Parisian culture in Las Vegas.
  • Gondola Rides: Not only can you enjoy the boutique shops from the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian Las Vegas which make you feel as though you are perusing Venice, however, you can even ride on a gondola! The most popular part about the ride would be that the gondoliers actually sing for you while you ride along under the dreamy blue sky.
  • Bellagio Art work Gallery: If the stereotyped representations of Countries in europe isn’t quite your thing, browse the classy art displayed in the Bellagio Las Vegas. The exhibit changes fairly frequently but past big names exhibited previously include Pablo Picasso, Edgar Degas, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Roy Lichtenstein.

Sin City Cultural Attractions

As the Native American history of the Vegas area is really fascinating, learning about the more the recent past of Las Vegas as a city is definitely an interesting look at the underpinnings of the Las vegas we know and love today. Listed here are great cultural attractions Las Vegas offers about itself.

  • Las Vegas Neon Museum: The lights of Las Vegas are famous but now-a-days they all are fancy LED and LCD screens rather than neon. But this museum celebrates the city’s foundation in multitudes of neon lights by preserve a Neon Boneyard where you can find out about the history of specific neon Las Vegas signs.

    Cultural Attractions of Las Vegas

    Cultural Attractions of Las Vegas

  • Atomic Testing Museum: The Nevada Test Site was the nation’s prime location for nuclear testing within the 1950’s and had a profound impact on Las Vegas history. This is one of the best cultural attractions Las Vegas has that isn’t just interesting in regard to the town, but in a national sense too.
  • Bonnie Springs Las Vegas: Have a blast in this interactive consider the wild wild west past of Las Vegas. Enjoy performances of gun fights and bank robberies, and relax by having an old fashioned beer or sarsaparilla in the saloon.

Museums, Exhibits along with other Cultural Attractions

If you have a tendency to think that Las Vegas is all neon with no history, it’s worth noting that the city’s history is neon. The Neon Museum Boneyard is among the most popular attractions for getting a peek at Las Vegas’ past though the Clark County Historical Museum provides a more comprehensive view of the events that shaped the city’s and state’s history via a number of rotating exhibits.
Those thinking about specific topics will find more in depth exhibits throughout Las Vegas. At the Hoover Dam, there’s a comprehensive collection about the building of 1 of the most significant engineering marvels in America’s history as the Atomic Testing Museum explores the part Nevada played throughout the atomic testing era. There’s also a museum outside of Overton, Nevada, that highlights a brief history of the Anasazi in the area, and a railroad museum in Boulder City.

Museums which cover a variety of subjects include the Nevada State Museum and also the Natural History Museum. Families may wish to hunt down details regarding the Lied Discovery Children’s Museum and also the Spring’s Preserve, which offers a multitude of programs and exhibits concerning the desert environment.

Native Nevada Culture

Even though the bright lights and excitement from the Strip are what makes Las Vegas famous, there are a lot of awesome Las Vegas cultural attractions worth visiting in your next trip. The Las Vegas area includes a rich cultural history and the next cultural attractions in Las Vegas have intriguing and educational exhibits about the Indigenous peoples of the area.

  • Grand Canyon “Indian Country” Air Tour: This really is one of the coolest cultural attractions Las Vegas provides because not only do you get a plane ride from Las Vegas towards the gorgeous Grand Canyon, however, you also get a native Hualapai Indian tour guide and authentic Indian BBQ lunch.
  • Grapevine Canyon Las Vegas: The petroglyphs that surround the doorway of this Las Vegas natural attraction are ancient Native American drawings that tell stories in the past. Las Vegas cultural attractions such as this give you the chance to witness real history personally.
  • Clark County Museum: This is an excellent Las Vegas museum because of all the cultural attractions Vegas has it will an amazing job of tracing Las Vegas history in the Ice Age to today. It spans 30 acres and features a recreation of an ancient Native American pueblo.

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