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Know About Bolivian Culture with Cultural life of Bolivia

Know About Bolivian Culture with Cultural life of Bolivia

Found in the Central South America and south west of Brazil Bolivia Culture is a mix and match of various races but many Bolivians are born in Roman Catholicism whereas Protestant are 5%.

Bolivia is a Latin country in South America located at the Andes Mountains. It features a significant Native American population which mixed Spanish cultural elements using their ancestors’ traditions. The Spanish-speaking population mainly follows the Western customs.

Bolivian Culture

Bolivian culture continues to be defined by its interesting geographical layout, the predominant indigenous population and also the mix of ancient traditions with European cultural factors that were imported during the period of Spanish colonialism. The amalgamation of these elements have produced an abundant and varied culture unlike the rest of the world.
Bolivian culture has many Inca, Aymara along with other indigenous influences in religion, music and clothing, based upon the region of the country, isolation from the cultures and contact with European (Spanish) culture. The very best known fiesta is the UNESCO heritage “El carnaval de Oruro”. Entertainment includes football, the national sport, played in many street corners. Also, zoos really are a popular attraction with a diverse population of interesting creatures.

Language in Bolivia

Spanish may be the main and official language of Bolivia. However there are several 39 other living languages utilized in the country spoken by individuals different regions. Examples include Aymara, Chiquitano, Chiriguano and Guyara. Some 50% of people have an indigenous language his or her mother tongue.
Bolivian Spanish as a result of mixing using its indigenous rivals differs from area to area. The vocabulary and pronunciation differs based on where in Bolivia you are, i.e. highlands (Altiplano and valleys) or even the lowlands (Santa Cruz, Beni and Pando).

Bolivian Society & Culture Religion

About Bolivian Culture

About Bolivian Culture

Most Bolivians are born into Roman Catholicism. Religion is commonly a female dominated activity when it comes to attending church and the like. Catholicism to some degree has been “localised” as it became intertwined with local folklore and customs in the early years of taking root in the united states.

Festivals in Bolivia

Pagan rites in the pre-Columbian era are still common throughout the religious festivals of the Indians. The clothing used throughout the festivals reminds the visitor from the pre-Columbian Indians and the 16th century Spaniards. The devil dances in the annual carnival of Oruro are usually the great folkloric events of South America, much like the lesser known indigenous Anata Andina and also the “carnival” at Tarabuco (Pujllay) or the Tinku-fertility rites held at Macha every 3rd May.

Dances in Bolivia

Many dances and songs contain components from both the native and the Mediterranean culture.The dance of palla-palla or loco palla-palla, practiced through the Indians, symbolise the European invaders.The dance of Waka-tokoris from the Native Americans is a symbolic satire from the bullfights

Music in Bolivia

Out of all the Andean countries, Bolivia remains probably the most culturally linked to the indians. Like most of its neighbours, Bolivia was long covered with Spain and its attendant culture.

Bolivians Food

Bolivians Food

Despite independence, Bolivian music was largely according to European forms. In 1952, a revolution established nationalistic reforms including cultural and political understanding of the Aymara and Quechua natives. Intellectuals in the united states began wearing ponchos and otherwise associating themselves with native cultures, and also the new government promoted native folklore by, among other methods, creating a folklore department in the Bolivian Secretary of state for Education.

Bolivians Food

The Bolivians food fetish are meat dishes , rice , potatoes and shredded lettuce as well as other hot sauces made from tomatoes and lettuce have been in use. Bolivia culture of meals are a mix of great cuisines with higher drinks and along with bear and wine, “chicha” a glass or two made from maize liquor is used.
Thus the Bolivia culture is really a mix of full- blooded indigenous and they have lived in this area long before the Europeans arrived and settled within the beautiful country of Bolivia

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