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History of Indigenous Native Americans

History of Indigenous Native Americans

The Native American Indians are an important part of the culture of the United States. While their people have lived on this land for thousands of years, today their numbers are dwindling.

People lived in the United States before the arrival of Christopher Columbus and the Europeans. These people and cultures are known as Native Americans.The Native American Indians are a significant part of the culture of the United States. While their individuals have lived about this land for centuries, today their numbers are dwindling. Once, the Native Americans lived on this continent with little discourse and disruption. These were well fed, content, and established. Actually, the women and men usually were placed in typical roles.

Early History of Native American

The History of Native Americans is both fascinating and in lots of ways, tragic. Estimates range from about 10 – 90 million indigenous Native Americans inhabited America at the time of the European arrivals. They had lived in the land many, several years before white man set foot on their own soil. It really is believed that throughout the ice age, they had traveled a land-bridge across the Bering Sound, from Siberia into what is now Alaska. That they had gradually migrated across the land and southward into Mexico and beyond. The name “Indian” was given them by Christopher Columbus who mistakenly believed he had landed within the Indies. They are labeled Indians, American Indians, and the now preferred Native Americans. They migrated to any or all regions of the land and were formed into a variety of tribes or nations. They were a individuals who adapted well to their particular regions and made wise use of natural resources available. They believed in respecting the land and the abundance of gifts it offered. They became proficient fishermen, hunters, farmed crops like corn, and built homes with whatever available resources their territory provided. A few of these included animal skins, sun-dried brick.

Indigenous Native American Peoples

The first people to live in a land are called indigenous peoples. This means these were the original settlers. The Native Americans would be the indigenous peoples and cultures of the United States.

American Indians

Sometimes these peoples are referred to as Indians or American Indians. This is because when Columbus had first landed in America, he thought he had sailed all the way to to the country of India. He called the locals Indians and the name stuck for some time.

Where did they live?

Native Americans lived throughout North and Latin America. In the United States there were Native Americans in Alaska, Hawaii, and the mainland of the United States. Different tribes and cultures lived in different areas. In the center of the country lived the Plains Indians, including tribes such as the Comanche and Arapaho. Within the Southeast area of the country lived tribes like the Cherokee and the Seminole.

Native American Tribes

The Native Americans were grouped into tribes or nations usually depending on the area they lived in and their culture such as their religion, customs, and language. Sometimes smaller tribes were part of a larger tribe or nation. As best as historians can identify, these tribes were fairly peaceful before the arrival of Columbus as well as the Europeans. There were hundreds of tribes throughout america when Columbus first arrived. Many of them are very well known like the Cherokee, Apache, and the Navajo. To learn more about these tribes, browse the links towards the bottom of this page.


Native Americans Today

Today, some of the descendents of the original American Indians live on reservations. These are regions of land put aside specifically for Native Americans. This can help to protect their heritage and culture. However, only around 30% live on reservations. The rest live outside the reservations just like other people.

Social life history

The men were hunters, warriors, and protectors, while the women tended towards the children, their houses, and farmed. It relied on the tribe when it arrived at artwork. In certain tribes, the men would actually weave baskets and blankets. Natural foods were consumed and hunted. Deer, buffalo, fish, and various birds were this game of choice. Corn, beans, squash, berries, nuts, and melons were the fruits and vegetables which were consumed. Berries were also often used as a natural dye for fabrics.

While the late 1800’s in to the 1900’s and beyond began to bring find it difficult to the Native American Indians, they fought a tough battle in pursuit of protecting their land. Many different laws were passed by various US presidents stating that the Indians should be removed. In some cases, bloody battles were fought with lives lost on both sides. The Native American Indians were forced out of their homeland, prompting such legendary stories as the Trail of Tears. Eventually many simply adopted the European way of dress and even religion, with lots of Indians converting to Christianity. Today, you will find approximately 560 federally recognized Native American tribes within america. Many face problems such as poverty, alcohol abuse, and cardiovascular disease. Fortunately there are some who wish to be sure the Native American history and lifestyle is preserved, to ensure that we never forget the key role they have played in the development of this nation.



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