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Have A Look On American Wedding Customs And Traditions

Have A Look On American Wedding Customs And Traditions

In american culture american wedding customs are something new and old. So there are several wedding ceremonies and things to share.

American Wedding Customs And Traditions

American Wedding Customs

The one thing every human society has in keeping is marriage. Wedding ceremonies and customs vary greatly according to your religion or the country you are in. Some countries, cultures and religions recognize the wedding as soon as the wedding ceremony begins, others not until a married relationship license is signed along with ceremony is held to celebrate the wedding with friends and family. Some customs are thought traditional by some but are offensive to other people. Weddings in America are just as diverse because the couple who comes together to talk about their lives forever. American Traditional weddings occur in a church with friends and family in attendance to help celebrate the joyous occasion.

Browse some highlights to know about american wedding culture customs and traditions:

Flexibility of customs in old & new ways

Many of the american wedding traditions happen to be adopted from other cultures. Ceremonies in the usa are among the most flexible on the planet.While most aspects of an American ceremony are adopted from European traditions or stick to the couple’s unique culture, there are several traditions all ceremonies share. A white face veil is worn using the dress to symbolize virginity. Another popular custom throughout a traditional ceremony is Something old, new things, something borrowed, something blue. Within the United States the traditional western wedding custom from the bride wearing a white dress was, throughout the Victorian era, intended to symbolize purity, although despite popular misconception certainly not to indicate virginity. Based on this long-standing custom, it is considered best of luck for the bride to carry something of every category during the ceremony. Normally a bride will try to carry one item that fits all these definitions if possible.

Wedding Ceremony

The Wedding Ceremony is most often performed as part of a religious ceremony each with its own specific customs and traditions. On the day of the wedding the Groom does not see the Bride until the actual ceremony. As Custom would have it from Victorian Times: the Bride wears Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and a Sixpence in her shoe.

White Wedding Dress

The wedding dress nowadays is usually believed to have to be white or ivory, as this symbolizes purity. This is a newer superstition because white was started to be worn as a wedding dress only during the Victorian age. And that time, white was worn as an announcement of affluence because white dresses then will only be worn once. A black wedding gown was considered taboo in the last decades, but recently, this is also becoming an option for brides. Black flatters a woman’s figure and skin tone, and this flattery is best needed during a bride’s wedding day.

Wedding reception & party

Wedding party is celebrated with many activities like Drinks, snacks, or perhaps a full meal, especially at long receptions, are served while the guests and wedding party mingle. Often, best men and/or maids of honor will toast newlyweds with personal thoughts, stories, and well-wishes; sometimes other guests follow with their own toasts. Champagne is usually provided for this purpose. In a symbolic cutting of the wedding cake, the couple may jointly hold a cake knife and cut the first pieces of the wedding cake, which they feed to each other. In some sub-cultures, they may deliberately smear cake on each other’s faces, which is considered vulgar elsewhere.

Wedding gifts

The purpose of inviting guests is to have them witness a couple’s marriage ceremony and vows and to share in their joy and celebration. Gifts for the wedding couple are optional, although most guests attempt to give at least a token gift of their best wishes. Some couples and families feel, contrary to proper etiquette, that in return for the expense they put into entertaining and feeding their guests, the guests should pay them with similarly expensive gifts or cash.

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