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Facts on History of Native American Art

Facts on History of Native American Art

Native American art history is incredibly different and vibrant. Native american art provides us a wise idea concerning the different cultures, traditions, beliefs, and myths helping us identify the american tribes.

Native american art was developed from thousand years by ancient tribes. Much like music plays an important role in Native American culture, art has a special place too. The use of art has been used as a form of expression in the Native American lifestyle for hundreds, even many thousands of years. The Native American legacy of arts consists of many diverse and unique forms of art developed over hundreds of years. The Natives were extremely skilled individuals with a deep feeling of spirituality that was reflected within their art work. Native American art history reveals the real nature and culture from the indigenous people of America. Native American Art History is lush with a vast contribution towards the American art culture. From jewelry, beading, quillwork, pottery, basketry, towards the popular “dreamcatcher craze”, the variety and the beauty of Native American art history is expansive as America itself.

Native American Art History is really a comprehensive legacy of arts comprised of complex as well as unique forms of art developed over years. The “First American” indigenous peoples were extremely skilled individuals with a deep committed spirituality that was influenced within their crafts and art. Native American art history reveals the spirit of a broad spectrum of diverse and creative peoples.Probably the most popular Native American Art History forms noted throughout American history include jewelry and stonework, practical crafts for day to day living, as well as objects designed to incorporate spiritual and community beliefs.Native American Art History suggests the Native Americans were reputed to be extremely skilled at complex carved designs that took inspiration from nature as well as spiritual underpinnings in addition to cultural pride. Native American art history expressed in jewelry, quillwork, beading, and creation of items for day to day living are replete in symbolism incorporating precious and semi-gemstones.

Native American Art History Origins

The origins of Native American art history began many thousands of years before the first century. Native Americans create art in an effort to worship the gods and express their love for nature. The earliest known piece in Native American art history was developed more than 13-thousand years ago. A bone etched with an picture of a walking mammoth as well as other cross-hatched designs discovered in Florida is definitely the oldest know piece of art within the Americas.

Facts on History of Native American Art

Art & Crafts of Native Americans

Fast forward to the nineteenth century, a nearly 12-foot monolithic calendar stone was created in 1479. Native Americans delivered ledger art in the 1860’s. Several Native American artists were later featured included in the World’s Fair in New York City in 1939. In 2004, a national museum dedicated solely to Native American art history opened in Washington, DC.

Forms of Native American Art

When researching Native American art history, it’s important to learn about the wonderful and amazing types of art which have been produced. Oil and sand painting, pottery and basket weaving all come with an important and special devote Native American art history. Crafts, ceramics and wood carving can also be area of the wide-ranging Native American art landscape. Native American art along with its history remains very culturally important. During 2009, Native American pottery was on exhibit within the White House. After some time on, Native American art history continues to alter each day.

Native American Art Works

Beadwork Art

The natives failed to experiment with this type of art until the introduction of the colonial powers. It had been only with the Spanish as well as the Europeans the Natives got exposed to glass seed beads which they began importing in great quanitity. Soon enough the natives mastered the art of beadwork and were producing all sorts of amazing beadwork crafts.

Native American Jewelery Art

This is one Native American art that has only grown when it comes to popularity through the years. The natives were considered to be extremely skilled at carving intricate designs that took inspiration from your nature around them.


This specific art is completely unique towards the Native Americans. The art developed alongside a prevailing tradition within the Ojibwe tribe. This amazing item featured sinew strands tied just like a web around a tear drop shaped frame.


This is yet another ancient traditional Native American art. Porcupine quilling in particular had been a unique art practiced from the East Coast and Plains Indians. The entire process of quilling required softening and after that dying stiff porcupine quills and then weaving them on birchbark or leather.


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