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Explore Cultural Activities in Miami

Explore Cultural Activities in Miami

Discover the information about cultural activities in Miami along with other parts of South Florida

Florida, Miami is a beautiful state with rich and colorful cultural heritage. Besides as being a hot spot for beach tourism, there are many aspects of Miami that are noteworthy. Miami’s culture, tradition and heritage, that are evident in every little niche from the state, have drawn tourists throughout the world for decades.

One of the newest inclusions in the cultural scene in Miami may be the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. This is actually the second largest performing arts center in the nation, only behind the famous Lincoln Center in NYC. The Arsht Center hosts the Florida Grand Opera, that is renowned for its professional, talented performers. Other venues housed within the center include: the Knight Concert Hall, Carnival Studio Theatre, Peacock Rehearsal Studio and Ziff Ballet Opera House. The Performing Arts Center attracts numerous national and international concerts, operas, ballets and musicals; it’s considered to be one the grandest and many
elaborate performing arts centers within the state.

Miami is also the place to find a host of other performing arts facilities including: the Coconut Grove Playhouse, Lincoln Theatre, Jackie Gleason Theatre, Ring Theatre, Colony Theatre, and also the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts. The Miami International Film Festival is really a celebrity-laden showcase for cinema from around the world, specifically concentrating on Latin America along with the North American continent.

When it comes to dance, Miami is well-represented through the Miami City Ballet. The Ballet completes the cultural scene in Miami using its talented cache of top performers and facility. It’s located at the Ophelia and Juan Js. Rojas Center in South Beach, that is one of the few facilities in the world that’s made specifically for the ballet.

Details about cultural activities in Miami along with other parts of South Florida.

Miami’s Cultural Community Tours
Cultural around Historic downtown Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, and also the cultural communities of Miami including Little Haiti, Little Havana, Allapatah, Coconut Grove, Overtown, Liberty City, Florida City, and Homestead. Also offersw eco-tours from the Everglades.

African Heritage Cultural Arts Center
Instruction and performance center on Northwest 22nd Avenue in Maimi. Includes a studio and rehersal space, work areas for visual arts, a skill gallery, reception hall, and the 200 seat Wendell A. narcisse Theater.

Little Havana

Little Havana is a district in the west central area of the city of Miami that has progressed into a center of Cuban and Latin American culture. Previously this area was almost completely a Cuban district however there are also a large number of Nicaraguans and Puerto Ricans living here also.

Cultural Activities in Miami

Cultural Activities in Miami

An exciting Hispanic culture permeates everything in Little Havana – colorful murals, monuments to heroes past and offer, elderly men playing dominoes because they discuss politics, and cigar rollers deeply at the office amidst Little Havana’s ever-present aroma of Cuban coffee. These scenes of daily Little Havana life engage in amidst a backdrop of Little Havana’s pulsating music, vibrant storefronts, unique galleries and quaint restaurants.

The neighborhood’s colorful spirit unfolds on Calle Ocho, Little Havana’s bustling main street, full of shops and restaurants. Farther down Calle Ocho, between SW 15th and 17th avenues, the humanities District contains a string of studios and galleries that showcase the best Latin American art in the united states. Nearby, the Bay of Pigs Museum & Library enshrines the crew from the ill-fated Bay of Pigs invasion. The 2 blcoks SW 13th street, south of Calle Ocho, have a series of monuments of Cuban patriots and freedom fighters.

Miami Children’s Museum

The Miami Children’s Museum isn’t so much a museum like a glorified playhouse, with areas for children to practice all sorts of adult pursuits like banking and food shopping, taking care of pets, playing TV news anchor inside a studio and acting as a nearby cop or firefighter.

Kids can pretend they’re banking in the miniature Bank of America, shopping in the local Publix Supermarket, or going for a Carnival cruise ship, which even stops within the re-created port of Brazil. One of the most impressive exhibits is the World Music Studio, where budding rock stars can lay out a few tracks and play instruments.

The Miami Children’s Museum also provides educational displays about subjects which range from Miami architecture to Brazilian culture. There’s also hundreds of bilingual, interactive exhibits in addition to programs, classes, and learning materials associated with arts, culture, community, and communication.

Both Passover Seders at Temple Beth Tov-Ahavat Shalom

With pleasure, Temple Beth Tov-Ahavat Shalom is sponsoring a traditionally Conservative Seder for that first and second night of Passover. Rabbi Manuel Armon and Cantor Irving Resnick will officiate. The entire Hagaddah will be read; songs is going to be sung; and a delicious, kosher, traditional multi-course meal is going to be enjoyed. Please send checks to Raquel Sandler, PO Box 524053, Miami 33152, and note the number/and kind of reservations. Reservation deadline is Wednesday, March 20th.

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