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Easy Mexican Arts and Crafts Activities for Children

Kids love keeping themselves busy in various arts and crafts. Mexican craft activities, are one such way that will be new as well as interesting to them. This article tells you all about this art & craft.

Celebrate the culture of Mexico with easy Mexican crafts for kids. Learning about the culture of different countries helps children gain invaluable global knowledge. Along with food and music, crafts are a way to introduce a child to what it is like to live in Mexico. These activities are rich in the culture of Mexico. They are traditional, and have been in use for long. Here are a few examples of this art form.

Sun Art

Mexican crafts for kids

Mexican crafts for kids

Central Mexico’s Aztec heritage can be found in Mexican art today. The sun, a popular Mexican art motif, was the Aztec symbol of life. With easy-to-draw, brightly designed sun art, preschoolers can practice math standards they need for kindergarten that address identifying and modeling shapes. Provide children with large circles of thick, white drawing paper. Starting at the center of the paper circle, demonstrate a simple circle design in bright crayon that preschool-age children can mimic. Help children trace additional circle designs radiating out from the center in bright colors until the sun is completely full of radial designs.

Mexican Flowers

Give each child 3-5 different colored squares of tissue paper and have them set the one on top of another. Shoe the children how to fan fold and then wrap a twist tie around the middle of the fan folded paper. Have each child carefully open his flower by pulling the different colors of paper upwards or downwards to separate each layer.

Mexican Flag

The Mexican flag is comprised of the colors green, white and red in three equal vertical stripes. In the center of the flag is an Aztec eagle image. For this craft you will need a sheet of white construction paper cut in half lengthwise, a pencil or dowel to attach the flag, a ruler, white glue and tissue or crepe paper in green, white and red. Optionally, you can print out a picture of the eagle emblem to glue in the center.

Fold the white construction paper in half to create a 4-inch by 6-inch flag. Lay the flag with the folded end on your left. Divide the front of the flag into thirds with a pencil and ruler. Tear or cut the tissue paper into 2-inch squares. Coat the first rectangle on the flag with white glue, crumple up the green tissue paper and stick it on the glue-coated first section. Do this again for the center section in white and the last section in red. Open the flag and coat the inside with white glue, put the dowel or pencil along the left folded edge and push to seal. Allow to dry and add an eagle emblem, if desired.

Mexican Lanterns

Give each child a piece of construction paper and allow them to decorate any way they wish. Next, have the children fold the paper in half lengthwise. They should then cut 1” cuts beginning at the fold but leave one 1” border around the edges except the fold. Have the children then unfold and roll each long edge of the paper in a circle and staple. Use the hole punch to make two holes in the top, and then tie a piece of string to the hole as a hanger.

Mexican Serapes

To get in the spirit of your Mexican celebration, let the children make serapes (Mexican blankets) to wear over their shoulders. I use rolled paper that is about 12 inches wide. I cut a length that is long enough to hang over the front & back of the child. I let the child design the serape & then they can cut fringe on the bottom edges. You could also make these out of old white sheets.

Mexican Flag Craft

Mexican Flag Craft

Yarn Art

Huichol art, still created by artists in Mexico today, originated with this indigenous Indian people who continue to live in the mountains of central Mexico. It contains bright colors, detailed designs and tightly glued strands of yarn. Preschoolers can create a version of this Mexican art tradition by gluing pieces of yarn onto outlined shapes. Provide children with black-outlined simple shapes and objects on heavy paper. Children dip a cotton swab in glue to trace the line and then place pieces of yarn on it. They glue more pieces of brightly colored yarn inside the outlines, creating original designs inside the provided outline.


Maracas are common percussion instruments used in Latin music. Making a maraca, or a set of maracas, is an easy Mexican craft for kids. Supplies needed include a paper plate, dried beans or rice, stapler, tape and decorating supplies like markers, crayons and paint. Fold the paper plate in half and carefully fill halfway with the dried beans or the rice. Staple or hot glue the plate completely shut. If you use a stapler, cover the sharp edges of the staples with pieces of tape or stickers. Provide the child with Mexican images to inspire the artwork and color choices and let him decorate the maraca. Turn on some Latin music and let the child shake his maraca to the beat.

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