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Argentina Cultural Attractions with Tours

Argentina Cultural Attractions with Tours

Argentina has a large number of cultural attractions to provide, and is therefore extremely popular among tourists. Things you can do in Argentina are plentiful. You’ll find the best items to see in Argentina. Here we listed the best sights and museums in Argentina. With several new museums and a continuing agenda of cultural attractions and events, there’s plenty to help keep you occupied.

Argentina Cultural Attractions

Top Five  Cultural Attractions in Argentina

Buenos Aires

Using its wide boulevards, beautiful architecture and rich culture, Buenos Aires has often been called the Paris of South America. And for those who have the food, the fashion, and the nightlife, you’ll quickly fall in love with this particular beautiful city and its people. If cities, food, culture (and shopping) are the thing, then Buenos Aires isn’t to be missed, and there exists a whole section dedicated solely into it.

Quebrada de Humahuaca

Quebrada literally means “break,” and describes the deep valley carved here by the Rio Grande. Humahuaca, using its quaint colonial streets and architecture is really a UNESCO Heritage Site, and works as a great base camp to understand more about the region. Having formed a significant part of the Incan empire, Humahuaca is steeped in ancient history and culture, which greatly befits el born area of austere beauty.

The Pampas

The vast flat plains of the Pampas are Argentina’s agricultural heartland and the birthplace of the gaucho(cowboy). Lying southwest of Buenos Aires is the location of Argentina’s famous beef and grain industry, the supply of the country’s wealth. The area is festooned with small agricultural towns, that are home to the most of Argentina’s population, but hold little to interest the tourist. You will find however excursions open to different ranches where one can enjoy a day’s horseriding and feasting on asado.

Colon Theatre

The Colon Theatre in Argentina is a perfect place for tourists for more information about the art and culture of the beautiful country. The Colon is grand and exquisite and you are able to take a tour of the theatre beginning with the underground rehearsal halls to main action area.

Paseo del Buen Pastor

The recreational and commercial heart of Cordoba contains several amazing cultural monuments and buzzes with activity day and night. Arrived at eat, drink, shop, stroll and enjoy the pulse of the city.

Argentina Cultural Tours

Searching for flights to Argentina? We’ll help you book Argentina Cultural Tours. Enjoy the best duration of your life in your Argentina Tours. While traveling to Argentina, you’ll find the best hotels in Argentina. We’ll make your tours to Argentina an unforgettable experience.

Argentina is endowed with varied culture. On your Argentina cultural tours you will notice ethnic mix in the country. The culture of Argentina continues to be immensely relying on its European roots. The population of Argentina is mainly European. Visit the most European city in South America i.e. Buenos Aires. Explore the culture of the region in your cultural tours in Argentina. The Amerindian affect on music and art is obvious. Around 87 percent of the total population of Argentina is European descent, 11 percent are mestizo and 2 percent are Indian and other groups.

Tango of Argentina is really a world-renowned dance. Find out more about the Tango dance and music in your cultural tours in Argentina. Visit the museums, cinemas and galleries of Argentina to understand more about more about the culture of Argentina. The culture in Argentina could be understood by the art, architecture and music.

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